Auto accept for NFT Castles

Auto accept for NFT Castles

When a person becomes a sponsor after purchasing an NFT Castle, it’s time for the sponsor to use the castle themselves or rent it out to other Esports players. This is done so that the castle earns XP and its value increases.

To make it easy for Sponsors to find players immediately, we have added a contract automation called “Auto accept the first application”. When this feature is enabled, the sponsor's NFT Castle gets listed under “Automatic Contracts”.

NOTE: NFT Castles come under 2 types of contracts : Automatic Contracts and Manual Contracts. Automatic Contracts don’t require the sponsor's review and hence the castle is immediately rented to the player on a first come first serve basis. On the other hand player requests for castles with manual contracts are reviewed by the sponsor and the rental depends on the discretion of the sponsor.

Once “Auto accept the first application” is enabled, the sponsor's NFT Castle falls under Automatic Contracts and the Esports player will be able to rent the castle immediately and start playing Castle Defense right away. No review is required from the sponsor's end.

Follow the steps below to enable “Auto accept the first application”

  • Visit

  • Login with your Pocket Arena credentials.

  • Click on Settings.(as shown in Fig 1)

  • And toggle Auto accept the first application till the button turns blue.(as shown in Fig 2)

Once enabled the “Review all player applications” will be disable (if it was previously enabled) and the sponsor won’t be able to review play applications, for NFT Castle renting.

With “Auto Accept the first application” enabled, the NFT Castle will be listed under “Automatic Contracts”. This is denoted by a red “A” tag displayed on the castle preview thumbnail as shown in the diagram below.

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