Guild Introduction

Newly added on 01 Dec 2022

Finally, Pocket Arena Guild v.1.0 is here.

You can create a new guild or join a guild to play Castle Defense together with your guild members. So, when you receive attacks, your guild members can help you defend each other's castles and lands. At the same time, the XPs you earn while playing will go into the Guild Pool and will be shared among the guild members according to their performance and levels.

Roles and responsibilities:


1. Guild Manager or GM: 1 person

  • GM can recruit and manage guild members.

  • GM can rent castles from sponsors, manage the rented castles and assign the castles to guild members.

  • GM is not required to play Castle Defense by themselves, but can play voluntarily.

2. Assistant Manager or AM (optional): 1 person

  • AM has the same power as the GM, except for changing the guild member's level.

  • AM can use the castle to play when needed.

3. Members : no minimum. 38 persons max.

  • Members are tasked with daily missions to maintain the contract with the castle they are in use.

  • Members are requested to support other members

4. Trainee : no minimum. 10 persons max.

  • Trainees have the same responsibilities as members but the difference is that they do not receive XP distributed from the Guild Pool.

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