Castle Items

Castle Items are essential for any battles in Castle Defense. Each castle item carries a unique ability which helps in advancing across different stages of battles. They give boosts and inflict damage.

Here is a list of castle items available in Castle Defense.

Knights Sword

A steel sword is especially designed for battles against monsters.

Iron Helmet

A steel helmet that covers most of the head to offer great protection against damage.

Iron Armour

A steel chest that designed for brave knight who faces against monsters at the forefront.

Iron Boots

A pair of heavy iron boots that is suited to knights.

Knight's Ring

A rare jewelry that brings endless life to its wearer.

Wooden Wand

A staff made with a branch from the ancient tree which holds vast magic power.

Wizard Hood

A mystic hat, made specifically for wizards, which boost their attack speed.

Fabric Robe

An exclusive robe for wizards that protect them from various dangers.

Iron Boots

A pair of leather boots that is suited to wizards.

Book of Fire

A book containing a powerful magic of fire for magicians.

Cannon Tower

Reinforce the bomb shrapnel to pierce through a huge part of enemies' armor.

Lightning Tower

A supreme achievement of technology, Storm Tower creates a static field around itself to strike all incoming enemies.

Castles items can help users win battles in Castle Defense successfully. To upgrade your castles items you will have to visit the castles dashboard and select the item which you intend to upgrade as shown in the diagram below.

Upgradation by using XP is currently supported, but moving forward users will be able to upgrade their NFT Castles items by using mPOC.

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