How do I contact Pocket Arena support?

You can contact Pocket Arena support on

Is there a community where I can connect with other Pocket Arena gamers or sponsors?

Yes. We have a tight-knit community of Esport players and sponsors. You can join our community on Telegram and Discord.

Can one account be played on multiple devices?

Yes - provided you log out of the first device before playing on the second device.

How do I delete my Pocket Arena account.

If you choose to delete your Pocket Arena account, all game data and XP earned will be lost permanently. For any help, you can contact Pocket Arena support at

Can I use my savings bank account when buying an NFT Castle in Castle Defense?

The mode of payment available now is by Debit Card or Credit Card. We will post updates once we introduce other modes of payment.

Please refer to the following link to know more.

Can I use VPN while playing Pocket Arena games?

Yes, you can play Pocket Arena games over a VPN. However, you are not allowed to use VPN for any payment at Castle Market.

This feature is not available as of now but we may introduce this in the near future. For updates do follow us on Twitter.

Can I purchase an NFT Castle if I am in a different country and my Credit/Debit card is issued from my home country?

To prevent fraudulent payments, NFT Castle purchases are only restricted to the country of issue of the credit/debit card. For example, if the credit/debit card is issued in Switzerland, then the NFT Castle must be purchased by a person based in Switzerland.

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