As an Esports player, you can enjoy playing NFT Castle Defense, and earn while playing the game.

To begin playing, please follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Go to Castle Defense at to start as an Esports player.

Step 2 : In the game main scene, please select the "Pocket Arena mask" button at the bottom menu to login.

Step 3 : Please log in with your Pocket Arena account. If you don’t have an account yet, please follow this article.

Step 4 : Once logged in, you are ready to play to earn.


This objective in Castle Defense is to protect the castle from enemy attacks. Enemy attacks are usually by air or by ground. As a defender of the castle you have to build towers and units along the road to stop enemy attacks.

As a defender of the castle you get an alchemist house, cannon towers, lighting towers, knights and wizards at your disposal.

Basic Strategy

Lighting towers are used to defend enemy attacks and cannot be destroyed by them. A lightning tower is very effective in case of a flying attack while compared to a ground attack.

One unit can only block a certain number of monsters. When it reaches the maximum number, the monster will ignore the unit and go to the castle.

Armour and Resistance

Monster may have Armour/Resistance which reduces the incoming damage from Attack/Magic.

Flying Enemies

Flying enemies can reach the castle from paths different from the road on the map. *Only Lightning Towers and Wizards can attack flying enemies.

Fast Enemies

Some enemies can move really fast, effectively avoiding the Towers. Use Units to block the road and prevent them from passing.

Build Defender

Defender Upgrade

Upgrade your defender to make them more powerful and may gain other special abilities.

Move Unit

The Unit can be moved along the road.

Revive Unit

Once dead, the Unit becomes a tomb, which can be revived at a cost. *The Tomb will disappear after some time or immediately by selecting the Remove icon.


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