Castle Defense introduces its fiercest mode yet - Castle Arena

Castle Arena is all about players battling against each other for a particular land. It consists of PvP Battles where you defend your castle’s land and attack other castles with the aim of grabbing theirs. This virtual land is not for sale. but players can acquire the land only by successful game attack/defense.

The mode consists of 5 playable areas on the virtual map of Luzern. The first area is the “Forest,” where you as a player can participate in PvP Battles. Here you can attack others and grab their land and also defend your fortress from attacks.

For every attack initiated, a strategy must be followed. The better you strategize, the more efficient your attack/defense will be. Once you have crafted a perfect strategy, you can save it for future attacks.

One can create customized strategies for different stages of game play.

Once the attack is successful, you will earn XPs based on an effective structure designed especially for Castle Arena. Along with the land acquired, the XP earned is shared between you and the Sponsor, and stored in pools.

Speaking of pools, there are 2 of them, namely Public Pool and Arena Pool.

Arena Pool is a section where the XP earned from Castle Arena and Castle Defense is stored. Arena Pool XP is further used to upgrade the NFT Castle (via Castle XP) and also used to participate in Castle Arena.

Public Pool is a section where the XP earned from Castle Arena PvP battles is stored. Public Pool XP is distributed to players who are land owners

What's more? Castle Arena introduces the concept of Guilds. It is aimed at bringing pro-players together into organized groups and win battles strategically by XP profit-sharing with the castle owners.

So go out there, conquer the high-yielding land of Luzren and become the undisputed KING!!

This is where you find all the information pertaining to your lands.

(1) Your Land Tab: Under this tab, you see the list of lands owned by your castle. Select the land to view it on the map. You can check which lands are being attacked.

(2) Land History Tab: This tab shows the history of lands owned by the castle. Select 'View button' to view it on the map.


(1) Protect Your Land Tab: This menu contains information about your pending battles. Here's what it shows:

  • Opponent attacking your land.

  • Stage you will play to defend your land as well as Entry fees you need to pay in order to defend.

  • The remaining time to defend your land. You can select the 'Defend button' to defend your land.


Shows results of all your matches.

  • The land of the opponent you are attacking.

  • Stage and Entry fees when you initiated the attack.

  • The land you have defended.

  • Stage you have played and Entry fees you paid for that match

Shows the results of the matches on the map.

Find your opponent in the high yielding land if Luzern. By default, the map is presented in 2D. You can change the view to 3D by clicking the [Change view]. Select [+] button to zoom in 3D mode and find your opponent.

Once found, you can attack them with your preferred strategies

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