How To Create And Manage My Guild?

1. Create my guild

  1. Prepare for a guild name and a guild profile image.

  2. Inform our Pocket Arena admin on Telegram that you wish to create a guild or send an email to with your desired guild name and image file.

  3. Our PA support team will do the necessary set-up and inform you.

  4. Then you will see your newly created guild name and logo and start to manage your guild at

Note: Your PA account must have completed KYC, and the Telegram account must have a username ( e.g. .

2. Mange my guild in Guild Hub

Sign into the Guild Hub page at with your PA account.

2.1 General menu

Dashboard: view important information about your guild such as: number of members, number of castles owned, status of completing daily missions.

Statistics: view statistics on guild status over a period of time.

Profile: view and update guild profile such as guild image, and also set the guild bulletin message.

Notifications: contains guild notices such as join guild application, castle assignment request, contract extension requests etc.

2.2 Castle menu

Castle: view and manage the castles that your guild owns.

Also view detailed information of each castle such as: contract, castle items, lands that members are in possession.

If any castle is not in use by a member, you can assign it to a member.

+ Assign castle to a member

  • Once the guild has received a castle from a sponsor, you can assign it to a member.

  • Go to the Castle, select a castle which is yet to be assigned.

  • Select Action > Assign Member then choose an available member to assign the castle.

Request > Assign Castle: When a sponsor wants to assign a castle to your guild, you will receive a notification here.

From the notification, you can view the castle's information, and review the contract before deciding to agree to the contract.

Request > Extend Contract: When a contract is about to expire, a notification will be sent here, you can send a contract extension request to the sponsor from this notification.

Or when the sponsor actively submits a contract extension request, you will receive a notification of the request, and can choose to agree or refuse to renew the contract.

2.3 Member menu

Member: Here you can view and manage the members in your guild.

Manage guild members such as: member information, member's activity, change member level, assign castle or kick member.

If a member is not using any castle, the guild manager can assign a castle to him/her.

+ Assign castle to member

  • Go to the Member menu, select the member that has no castle, select Action > Assign Castle then choose an available castle to assign.

+ Change Member's Level

  • After joining the guild, when playing the game, members will share 10% of the XP received from battles into the Guild Pool.

  • Every 3 days, XP in the Guild Pool will be distributed to members proportionally based on the member's level.

  • You can change the distribution ratio by increasing/decreasing the member's level.

  • Go to the Member menu, select the member, select Action > Change Member Level.

Member’s Activity: You can track the amount of XP earned by each member within 30 days here.

Contract Condition Completion: As with regular castle rental mechanics, members must complete daily challenges to maintain their contract with their assigned castle.

Here you can track the progress of each member's contract condition completion and take action if necessary.

Performance: You can see the performance of the guild members here, which are based on 3 main stats: XP Earned, Challenge Completed, Wins in Castle Arena.

Join Guild Request: Once your guild is created, it will be displayed in the Castle Defense game. When a player chooses to join your guild, a request to join the guild will be sent to you.

Here you can check the player's requests to join the guild.

2.4 Settings menu:

Here you can change the settings below:

1. Allow players to join your guild without the approval of the guild manager or not.

2. Allow players who join the guild to continue using their rental castle or not.

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