Building your strategy

Strategies are key to win battles in Castle Arena. A good strategy differentiates one player from another and one guild from another. In Castle Arena, we have created a dedicated attack menu so that players can formulate strong strategies.

Before creating the strategy you will see the above screen which is divided into 3 parts. Entry fee, stage selection and strategy selection.

(1) Entry Fee: To create an attack, you need an entry fee; it may change based on the power of the castle of your opponent. Entry Fee will be used from Arena Pool or your personal XP. (2) Select Stage: Each stage will have different terrains to choose from. (3) Select Your Strategy: Quick Attack will use the default strategies and automatically build up your troops. And with New Strategy you will be able to build up troops manually.

Once you click on “New Strategy”, the next screen will appear as seen below. This is the stage editor where you can build your troop for each path and wave.

Select the respective paths to adjust the troops. After selecting the path, the next screen will appear where you can select the monsters who will use the selected path to attack the castle.

After you set up troops for all waves, select the [Deploy] button to initiate an attack to the opponent.

You need to wait for your opponent to accept your challenge; the waiting time of each attack is 12 hours.

Once the opponent is allotted, the battle will begin where the result can only be a win or a loss. You can check the result of your match under Castle Arena -> Challenge Result menu (mentioned above).

If your attack is successful, you will get XP as reward, as well as the opponent's land. If your attack fails, you will lose your entry fee that you used initially to create an attack.

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