How do I sell an NFT Castle?

After hiring an Esports player to upgrade your Castle for at least 3 days, you can sell your NFT Castle item by listing it in the market. To list your NFT Castle item for sale, please follow the steps below:
Please make sure that you have signed the contract with the Esports player for at least 3 days.
Step 4: In the Home scene, please select the Castle that you want to list for sale.
Step 5: In the detail scene of the Castle, please select the "Sell" button.
Step 6: Please enter your expected selling price in the popup and select the "Sell" button.
Note: the currency used is the Euro.
Step 7: Congratulations! Your NFT Castle is now listed for sale in the market.
Other sponsors can now see your NFT Castle listing while browsing the market.
Step 8: When a sponsor buys your NFT Castle, you will receive a message and e-mail about the detailed revenue share of the sale.