Guild Features In Castle Defense Game

Join A Guild

At the main Castle Defense screen, select the Guild menu.

Note the following 3 points.

  • Your account must complete KYC before, otherwise you must complete KYC before you can join the guild.

  • If you are currently under contract with a castle, you will need to terminate your contract before you can join a guild.

  • If you are currently using your own castle to play, you can join a guild along with the castle.

A list of guilds will appear, you can choose a guild that is not yet full of members to apply to join.

After submitting your request to join, you should wait for the guild manager to review and approve it before you can access the guild section.

View Performance and Daily Mission

Once approved to join a guild, you can access the Guild section.

In the Guild Dashboard, you can see an overview of your performance and the status of daily mission completion.

Note: Usually you will be assigned a castle by the guild manager, if not, you can ask the guild manager.

Once assigned to a castle, you must complete all Daily Missions to continue using the castle.

Otherwise, the castle will be lost and you may be kicked out of the guild.

View Guild Member

  • You can see the information of the guild members, the level of the members, the amount of XP that each member has contributed to the guild.

Help Guild Members Defend Their Lands

When you join a guild, you can:

  • Request guild members to defend your castle when attacked by opponents.

  • Help your guild members defend their castles when attacked by opponents.

Guild member's requests for help will be displayed in the Defense Assistance menu.

Defense Assistance Settings

You can set up the help request in the settings menu. There are 2 types of settings:

  1. Ask the guild members to assist in the defense, when the attack will end after a period of time

  2. Choose land in which areas need defense assistance

View Guild Pool And Distribution History

After joining the guild, when playing the game, members will share 10% of the XP received from battles into the Guild Pool.

Every 3 days, XP in the Guild Pool will be distributed to members proportionally based on the member's level.

You can check your estimated distribution and each member's contribution here.

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