Earning XP

Do you want to know how you can earn XP in an effective way?

In this article we will talk about the best methods to earn max XP. We have compiled 6 steps which will help you achieve your goal of earning XP and will help you become a better player in Castle Arena.

As a player, you start earning XP by playing Castle Defense and Castle Arena. But not all XP can be immediately converted to POC. The XP which is eligible to be converted is acquired by winning battles in Castle Arena. Follow the steps below to see how you can earn max XP.

1. Get maximum daily XP in Castle Defense.

To get enough XP to play in Castle Arena, try to meet the daily XP cap of 250 XP per day from PVE Stages and Daily Challenges. XP won in Castle Defense will help you play in Castle Arena.

2. Attack as many castles as you can

You will gain more XP if you attack more castles in Castle Arena. Your XP entry fee will be refunded and you will also get the defender’s XP entry fee and land.

3. Defend your castle all the time

You gain XP for each successful defense. If you defend successfully, you will receive your XP entry fee back, as well as the attacker’s entry fee.

4. Conquer more lands

You gain more lands by successfully attacking castles. In the Public Pool, more lands equals higher XP sharing.

5. Use player XP to play more battles in Castle Arena

Every victory earns a player more XP. Let’s talk about a player share of 85%!

6. Unlimited Play, Unlimited XP

You get to choose how much XP you wish to earn every day. The sky isn’t even the limit!

Exchange your earned XP to POC

Once your attacks and defense are successful you will earn tXP. Ultimately this is the XP that can be exchanged for POC.

The exchange rate between XP and POC varies from time to time. To know more about the XP rate, visit https://pocketarena.com/ and view the top right corner (Next to the website menu) to view the latest XP rate.

6. Enjoy other Pocket Arena causal games with Esports and Avatars!

Super Pill : Your NFT Emoji Avatar has superpowers! It can fly and fight against viruses. But, be careful! If you challenge other players and lose, you will lose XP. On the other hand, if you win, you will earn XP! Your XP or mPOC from Castle Defense can also be used in this game. Plus, you can upgrade your game items with E-points to win quicker in the Esports. Don't have an Emoji Avatar? No worries! You can rent one and share the XP you earn with the owner. For every 9 XP you earn, the Avatar Owner gets 1 XP. Gear up and start playing this exciting Play-to-Earn web3 game now. It is so simple yet addictive. Play Now

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