Troop (monsters)


From Goblins to Dark Ranger, Castle Defense features 20 different types of monster troop who all work together either to attack your castle or for you to create your own attack against an opponent player in Castle Arena PvP mode. You can find out and learn each troop characters and the special strengths to win the game.

1. Goblin

Small evil creatures with no special abilities but "Goblin Strategy" is commonly used by pro-players due to the smallest E-Point gain if one Goblin is killed. HP 48, E-Point 3.

2. Orc

Orc is a slow monster with strong attack abilities. HP 94, E-Point 5.

3. Bat

Bats are flying creatures that attack via air. Quick and annoying air monsters. Usually attacks in swarms. You need to set up lighting towers to kill a bat before you can thwart off hordes of them from destroying your castle or causing damage to Knights and Wizards. HP 100, E-Point 7.

4. Spider

A fast moving and deadly monster. It moves faster than you can blink, the spider can cause fatal damage attack events. The mode of attack of a spider is by land and they swiftly move across paths to attack its enemies. HP 100, E-Point 9.

5. Marauder

The Marauder, as one of the hardest hitting enemies trop in the game, can prove to be a difficult foe for your defenders. A savage outlaw with high armour and an ability to block damage. HP 370, E-Point 15.

6. Mutant Orc

Big, Ugly and Tough. They are a nightmare to all who fight against them. Defeating them in waves can be a daunting task. HP 430, E-Point 20

7. Gargoyle

They attack by air and strong winged creature with high defences. When HP below 20%, it transforms to stone, and regenerates HP in 3 sec. HP 600, E-Point 26.

8. Brigand

Light-weighted bandit with fast movement and deadly attack. When HP < 50%, it increases the movement speed by 25%. HP 700, E-Point 34.

9. Bloody Bat

Fearful winged creature that has a hunger for blood by air. Wizard and lighting tower can eliminate Bloody Bat in your gameplay. HP 800, E-Point 44.

10. Centaur

Centaur is a mythical creature with high speed and light armour. When HP<50%, it ignores all blocking and temporarily increases movement speed. HP 750, E-Point 51

11. Werewolf

Fearless monster famous for its longevity. It regenerates the lost HP over time. HP 1200, E-Point 60.

12. Ancient Gargoyle

Ancient Gargoyle is a winged creature with very strong defenses. When HP<30%, it transforms to stone tomb and regenerates HP in 4 secs. They attack by air and a mob of wizards or upgraded cannons or lighting towers have to be used to defeat them. HP 1200, E-Point 64.

13. Galio

Powerful winged creatures with a high resistance. It becomes unstable at low life levels. Seals a tower to make it unable to to be attacked for 8 sec. They even have the ability to protect themself by disabling cannon towers. HP 2300, E-Point 76.

14. Elder Centaur

An advanced specimen of the centaur is the Elder Centaur that exist in long lost mythology and now you can encounter them in Castle Defense. Elder Centaurs attack by land and are known for their speed and agility. When HP<50%, it ignores all blocking and temporarily increases the movement speed. HP 1250, E-Point 88.

15. Hell Demon

Hell Demons are big and powerful demons, they bring doom and fire to everything on their path. When HP<10%, it blocks all incoming damages for 5secs. HP 1400, E-Point 94.

16. Dark Galio

Dark and dreadful, the Dark Galio they are a nightmare to defend. Known to attack by air and can be defeated by collectively using towers, wizards and knights. HP 2500, E-Point 110.

17. Lycan

Scary ground monster which is almost unkillable due to their regeneration. Greatly regenerates the lost HP over time. HP 3000, E-Point 108

18. Giant Titan

Giant Titans are enormous and unstoppable monsters. They attack by land and are beings of death and destruction. More than the Lycan, the Giant Titan had more strength and attack powers. HP 3300, E-Point 128.

19. Hell King

The most feared and powerful of them all is the Hell King. They make battles in Castle Defense a challenging task. The King of Hell. A symbol of immortality and death. When HP<20%, all incoming damages are blocked for 8secs. HP 2300, E-Point 152

20. Dark Ranger (New)

As a ground troop, Dark Ranger inherits ancient dark magic to put it into own weapons. By striking your foes with the Dark Ranger's enchanted weapons, you skillfully disrupt defenders' connection to their magical powers by 50%. HP 1200, E-Point 60

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