The Map

On the map, there are 2 kinds of lands:

  • Mainland: The land where your castle is built. One castle has only 1 mainland.

  • Colony: The land with the warrior statue. One castle has many colonies.

If you attack a mainland or colony of an opponent and you win, that land will be added to your list of castle colonies.

If your castle mainland is attacked and you are unable to defend it, here’s what will happen: Your castle mainland will be taken by the opponent. If your castle has a colony, the castle will be moved to the nearest colony, and that colony will be the mainland of your castle. If your castle has no colony, you need to attack an opponent in the Forest area in order to assign a mainland for your castle again.

If you attack an opponent in the higher area and you win, your mainland will be moved to the next area. The previous land will then become your colony.

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