Need to know who the monsters are in the game of Castle Defense?
From Gargoyles to Goblins, Castle Defense features many types of monsters who all work together to bring down your castle. You can find out detailed information of every monster in this game and choose your strategy accordingly to keep them at bay.
This guide offers a glimpse into the world of monsters at Castle Defense who you will encounter during your gameplay on Castle Defense. There are both ground and air monsters and they have their own unique attack patterns and strengths.


Goblins are a native monster in Castle Defense and are very small monsters with no outstanding features. They are smaller and are closely related to the ogre family. Goblins attack by land and at a slower pace.


The orc is a melee brawler who relies on armour and strength to win a fight. He is better than the dwarf when it comes to melee combat and has special abilities that allow him to become extremely strong. Orcs are strong and tough and attack by land and at a slower pace.


Bats are flying creatures that attack via air. These creatures have a very large range and often attack in swarms and are annoying and fast. You need to set up lighting towers to kill a bat before you can thwart off hordes of them from destroying your castle or causing damage to Knights and Wizards, who are your castle defenders.


Moving faster than you can blink, the spider can cause fatal damage attack events. The mode of attack of a spider is by land and they swiftly move across paths to attack its enemies.


The Marauder, as one of the hardest hitting enemies in the game, can prove to be a difficult foe for your defenders. The Marauder is a savage outlaw with high armour and chance to create damage. The mode of attack of a Marauder is by land.


Orges are very common in Castle Defense and are among the biggest, ugliest, and toughest beings in Castle Defense. Their mode of attack is by land and defeating them in waves can be a daunting task.


Gargoyle strong winged creatures with high resistance. They attack by air and are tough to beat because after being continuously exposed to attacks they turn into stone and spawn again to resume their deadly attack.


Brigands are light-weighted bandits that are fast moving and have deadly attack strength. Their mode of attack is by land and can cause a lot of damage to on ground defenders.

Bloody Bat

Fearful winged creature that has a hunger for blood. Bloody Bats have a distinctive colour and attack by air. Wizard and lighting towers can do the job of eliminating Bloody Bat in your gameplay.


The Centaur is a mythical creature resembling a horse with the torso, arms and head of a human. They attack by land and can be defeated by upgraded Cannon as well as lighting towers.


The Centaur is a mythical creature resembling a horse with the torso, arms and head of a human. They attack by land and can be defeated by upgraded Cannon as well as lighting towers.

Ancient Gargoyle

The Ancient Gargoyle is a winged creature who is fierce with very strong defenses. The attack by air and a mob of wizards or upgraded cannons or lighting towers have to be used to defeat them.


The Galio are powerful aerial winged creatures with very strong resistance and damage. They even have the ability to protect themself by disabling cannon towers which they encounter along their attack path.

Elder Centaur

An advanced specimen of the centaur is the Elder Centaur. They are strong creatures that exist in long lost mythology and now you can encounter them in Castle Defense. Elder Centaurs attack by land and are known for their speed and agility.

Hell Demon

Big and powerful demons, they bring doom and fire to everything on their path. Hell Demons attack by land and will surely test your castle defending skills when you cross paths with them.

Dark Galio

Dark and dreadful, the Dark Galio they are a nightmare to defend. Known to attack by air and can be defeated by collectively using towers, wizards and knights.


Scary monster which is almost unkillable due to their regeneration.

Giant Titan

Giant Titans are enormous and unstoppable monsters. Theu attack by land and are beings of death and destruction. More than the Lycan, the Giant Titan had more strength and attack powers.

Hell King

The most feared and powerful of them all is the Hell King. They make battles in Castle Defense a challenging task. These evil doers test your attack strategies. The Hell King attack by land.
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